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June 4, 2023

1923's Brandon Sklenar Explores The Dutton Men's Generational Throughline

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During the interview with Den of Geek, “1923” star Brandon Sklenar dug even deeper into what makes a Dutton tick. The actor believes that while the men in the family all share a similar sense of masculine generational similarities, the Dutton family as a whole shares an ability to reveal very little externally. That’s because they can internalize their emotions while still saying a lot. For him, this is what makes them so fascinating.

“You have to keep everything so internalized and pick your moments in terms of when these colors are being revealed,” Sklenar said. “So for me creating that inner monologue is the biggest thing. There is a life underneath [the surface]. Spencer is constantly pulling it back and restraining things. It’s still captivating, and you’re still telling a story without having to say anything. It’s very much a “Dutton” archetype and I think that’s what makes them appealing to watch.”

There is definitely something to be said for the stoic and externally quiet protagonist, and given “Yellowstone” and its prequels’ love of the western genre, it’s certainly one that fits perfectly into the world that Taylor Sheridan has crafted. And it seems as if Sklenar finds it a perfectly juicy role to mine as much subtle conflict and character expression as possible.

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