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October 4, 2023

American Pickers Once Bought A 1920s Wincharger For $400

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Now, a Wincharger was a remarkable piece of equipment, first developed around 1927 as a way for folks in rural areas to provide electricity to their radios via wind power and a six-volt battery. The design made waves, eventually calling for the incorporation of a whole company dedicated to the production and sale of the devices, as well as the creation of a pretty neat logo. In short, this was the sort of thing that any American would be proud to pick.

And they did pick, friend. The century-old turbine had seen better days, sporting a bent brake and a hole where its generator should have been, and the owners exhibited neighborly concern when “American Pickers'” Robbie Wolfe offered $400 for it. “Ooh, that’s a lot. Are you sure you want to pay that much?” one asked on hearing the figure.

Robbie, asserting that the Wincharger’s main components would make “a good decorator piece,” did want to pay that much. With the deal struck and the Wincharger rehomed, the “American Pickers” production team hit the road once more, never knowing what pickings tomorrow might bring.

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