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June 6, 2023

Blockbuster Video Makes Mysterious Online Return (But What Does It Mean?)

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If anything, the Blockbuster website could only be a test for reactions and nothing more. One interesting tidbit to keep in mind is that while folks have just now discovered the website with its mysterious new message, apparently, it’s already been up for quite some time. According to 10 WBNS, the phrase, “We are working on rewinding your movie,” has been up on the site since November 2022. In addition, despite a relatively active official Twitter account, there’s been no mention of the site’s latest message or any comment from owner Dish Network, which usually keeps the brand alive these days through T-shirts and collectibles.

Blockbuster’s alleged online return doesn’t even really line up with any potential anniversary dates, as the first store officially opened on October 19, 1985. Furthermore, reports on this supposed return were published dangerously close to April Fools’ Day. But why bother to feature a site with that message initially several months out? That’s bad timing for a cruel prank. In any case, if there were no plans for anything special before, we can bank that Blockbuster and Dish Network may consider doing something now. All of this attention the site is getting from fans and the media isn’t going to go unnoticed. Just don’t be too disappointed if the result is just another exclusive collection of blue and yellow merchandise.

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