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June 2, 2023

Breaking Bad's Laura Fraser Channeled The Darkest Part Of Herself To Play Lydia

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Speaking to CBS News, Laura Fraser admitted to being able to tap into her own dark thoughts but was quick to make it clear that, unlike Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, she would never act on them.

Fraser said, “As Laura I would never carry these thoughts out, but I’m aware that on the inside of human beings that we have the potential for incredible, disgusting, hideous behavior. And hopefully, we’d never act on it, but some people do. So I take all my anger, and all my hate, and my hideous secret thoughts and bundle them up and there’s Lydia.”

Further, Fraser imagined what Lydia’s backstory must have been in order for her to turn into the evil character that she is — Fraser speculated that she had an unhappy childhood and was abandoned in some way when she was young. Fraser continued, “And that was the start of her loneliness and alienation and one reason why she is who she is. It’s hysterical that she wants absolute purity in something she’s digesting [like her choice in zero calorie sweeteners], and yet she can order a massacre.”

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