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June 4, 2023
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Chad Stahelski And Keanu Reeves Keep A Wishlist Of Future A-List John Wick Stars

We’re not sure who exactly is asking this question because anyone who has watched the “John Wick” series is foaming at the mouth for the next one, but Chad Stahelski revealed that he and Keanu Reeves sit down to figure out why there should be another “John Wick” — money-making opportunities aside — before agreeing to create another one.

The director told Collider that ever since the first movie premiered, they have questioned, “why make [another]?” After “John Wick,” the character was on the run, and the duo wanted to open up the world and explore its lore. Then, they had “the marker and all of the friendships” to expand, but with “Chapter 4,” there was one glaring reason for him and Reeves to return. We won’t get into that here due to spoilers, but it’s clear that neither Stahelski nor Reeves wants to overstay their welcome. However, we will gladly accept as many more “John Wick” stories — whether they are spin-offs, prequels, or more core installments — as they want to give audiences, hopefully starring some of the actors on their wishlist.

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