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June 4, 2023

Chicago Fire's S11 Episode 18 Promo Has Fans Buzzing Over Casey's Return

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Again, one can hardly telegraph an appearance of Lieutenant Matthew Casey on “Chicago Fire” without tons of thoughts and opinions from fans of the popular show. Continuing on Reddit, u/Yourappwontletme outlined their theory as to what Casey’s return might have on the rest of the show, writing, “Stella saying she doesn’t have kids to worry about ‘ye'” when talking to Cruz got me thinking … a way to bring back Casey full time if Jesse Spencer decides to come back full time. Stella could get pregnant with Severide’s kid, then have to ride a desk or go on maternity leave while pregnant, so Casey could come back and be Captain of 81 while she’s gone.”

Others were simply happy to see Casey coming back to “Chicago Fire,” like u/LoveChicagoMed, who said that they had to fight back tears upon seeing that slow reveal of Casey during the teaser for next week’s episode. Sentiments were similar over on Twitter, where @Learnthingss expressed excitement at the prospect of Casey’s homecoming, while @stllakidd loved the moment in the “Chicago Fire” teaser where Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) notices Casey. @JordyAinsley believes that Casey’s return will stir up old feelings in Sylvie Brett, and they think that something may have changed in Casey. However, not all fans were ecstatic with this teaser — @idontcare8273 said, “It is going to be so hilarious and cringe if they try to rekindle Casey/Brett.” Whatever the case may be, Casey’s upcoming return on “Chicago Fire” certainly has viewers talking.

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