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October 4, 2023

D&D: Honor Among Thieves' [SPOILER] Is Still A Big Bad Waiting In The Wings

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As with most aspects of “D&D,” Szass Tam has a rich history in the lore, mostly appearing in numerous novels. Much like Vecna from “Stranger Things,” Tam is a lich, which in “D&D” terms is a wizard who has exploited dark magic to ascend above mortal life and become an undead powerhouse.

Tam rose to power after killing his mentor and stealing his life’s work, using his newly acquired knowledge and strength to join the Red Wizards. Eventually, he becomes one of eight Zulkir, powerful wizards who rule over Thay, each specializing in a specific type of magic. Tam’s specialty is necromancy, giving him complete control over the Legion of Bone, an army of undead soldiers. “Honor Among Thieves” presented a similar version, with the wizard assuming control over Thay and transforming the population into his undead army.

Throughout his “D&D” history, Tam has proven to be a strong wizard, fighting off numerous spellcasters, including his fellow Zulkir and Red Wizards. Assuming that “Honor Among Thieves” gets the numerous sequels it deserves, the wizard could be an excellent final boss for the party. Although they defeated Sofina, the team probably isn’t strong enough to take on Tam, so they’ll have to do some leveling-up before coming face-to-face with the leader of the Red Wizards.

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