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June 4, 2023
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Did Theo Rossi Tease A Possible Sons Of Anarchy Reunion?

When “Sons of Anarchy” was in its prime, Theo Rossi believed its ongoing success was solely due to the fans. “We knew that we were in something that was rarefied air,” he said on the “Emily the Criminal” panel. “We were the people’s champ. Everybody loved us, but no one in Hollywood gave a s*** about us.” Rossi added that he also believes it was the cast members’ real-life friendships that got fans’ extra attention. “We couldn’t walk two seconds without people being super-hyped that we were all together and we were all friends,” he explained. The question remains, however, will that be enough for new “SOA” material to emerge?

Although Rossi himself got to perform on the series through most of its run, his character — like much of the main cast — didn’t make it to the finale. With chatter about a new “Sons of Anarchy” spin-off in the works, fans must wonder how and when it might happen. One way to go might be with a full-length feature film, as in the case of “Deadwood: The Movie” and “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.” When asked if this might be the case for “SOA,” Rossi smiled and responded simply, “It’s totally different. It’s really cool.” Fans will interpret that in many ways as they wonder if there’s more in store for SAMCRO.

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