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June 4, 2023
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Dungeons And Dragons Takes Itself More Seriously Than The Trailers Let On

In a delightful twist of fate that film historians will likely refer to as “The Reverse Quantumania,” the humor-heavy “Honor Among Thieves” trailers hide a more serious movie. This isn’t to say it takes itself as gravely as “Game of Thrones” or “Lord of the Rings,” but that it isn’t racing to point and laugh at itself in the way some may have expected. Early comparisons to “Guardians of the Galaxy” turned out to be well-founded, as both films manage to mine natural and successful comedy by wholeheartedly committing to their respective worlds.

The funniest moments of “Honor Among Thieves” don’t appear in the trailers because they aren’t one-liners or bits of banter that can be trimmed and shown out of context. Arguably, the best bit in the film involves Michelle Rodriguez’s Holga and her estranged, halfling ex-boyfriend (played by an A-List actor we won’t spoil here). There are moments in the scene that are uproariously funny, yet the characters are engaging in the interaction with the utmost sincerity. The end result is a bizarrely touching scene with a few great visual gags that also serve to deepen Holga’s character.

For the most part, “Honor Among Thieves” maintains this relationship between comedy and fantasy drama, with the latter being a central priority. Suffice it to say, whether you’re a hardcore “Dungeons & Dragons” fan hoping for a respectful adaptation or a newcomer just looking to have a good time in the theater, “Honor Among Thieves” is sure to please.

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