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October 4, 2023

Grey's Anatomy Fans Are Loving The Spotlight On Carina In S19 Episode 12

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One reason “Grey’s Anatomy” fans are so excited to see Dr. Carina DeLuca-Bishop back in Season 19, Episode 12 is that, as a principal cast member of “Station 19,” she’s typically not working as a doctor, but appearing more often as Station 19 Captain Maya DeLuca-Bishop (Danielle Savre)’s wife, given that show’s focus on its core firefighting unit rather than the medical field.

Reddit user leftplot, for example, noted just how rare it is to see Carina at work, and then followed up in a reply to their original comment with, “it’s nice to see her getting to do something. i don’t mind her on Station 19 but it’s a little ham fisted like she’s a gynaecologist! let her work!”

Meanwhile, Twitter user @gbtwn took note of how multiple characters that usually appear as the “Station 19” firefighters’ significant others are all working on the baby delivery in the opening scene of Episode 12. User @stationsbishop similarly wrote, “we are actually getting scenes of carina deluca-bishop on greys???” accompanied by the series’ hashtag.

While Carina’s appearances in “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 19, Episode 12 may be altogether brief, the fact that she’s working at all is testament to the fact that fans are simply happy to see members of the show’s expansive cast that are typically sidelined back on the job.

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