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June 2, 2023

Grey's Anatomy Fans Find The Show's Military Depictions Flat-Out Embarrassing

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When it comes to the military veteran storylines of “Grey’s Anatomy,” many fans pointed to the relationship between Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) and Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Army veteran Dr. Altman, who has been featured in the series since Season 6, is the Chief of Surgery at the hospital.

Her husband, Dr. Hunt — often considered the show’s most hated character — who met Altman in the military, is the Head of Trauma and was previously honorably discharged from the Army due to an accident that caused the death of his entire platoon. With the two of them not only married with kids but also working in the same medical field, there have been plenty of opportunities to show a realistic portrayal of two military veterans.

Based on Reddit comments, it’s clear that many believe that the writers’ efforts on this portrayal were an embarrassing failure for “Grey’s Anatomy.” In a separate thread, u/DaSchkoomp kicked off another discussion with the question, “Does the military-related stuff piss anyone else off?”

U/Itbutterscotch was quick to chime in with, “So much! When Teddy refers to her unborn child as ‘soldier’ is so ridiculous.” U/DaSchkoomp agreed and replied back, “Omg I hated that!!! It’s like if a teacher called her unborn child ‘student.'” In the same thread, u/me-gusta-tortuga brought up an almost unforgivable production misstep, “They can’t even get the pronunciations of ‘Landstuhl’ and ‘Ramstein’ right, like how hard is it to take 2 seconds to make sure you are saying names correctly?”

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