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June 5, 2023

Invincible Creator Robert Kirkman Has Great News About The Gap Between Seasons 2 And 3

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Following the March 2021 premiere of the series, “Invincible” fans have been patiently waiting for two years for new episodes. Meanwhile, Season 2 of the series still has only a loose premiere set for later on this year, and viewers still don’t have much of a clear window for when “Invincible” Season 2 will drop.

Robert Kirkman is not unsympathetic to fans’ desire for more, but he promises that there are better days ahead. “This is the pain. This area right now is the pain for ‘Invincible’ fans,” he explained. “So once we’re through this, once Season 2 comes out, hopefully, it should be smooth sailing from there on. There won’t be these big, large gaps, theoretically.”

Fortunately, the creator does have some fresh details on Season 2 to let “Invincible” fans know that things are definitely moving along steadily. “It’s going great,” the showrunner said. “I’m seeing full animation now, and we’re getting music and stuff put into it, and it’s coming along really great.” Kirkman went on to add, “And I can’t wait for people to finally see it so that they stop asking me about it.”

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