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June 3, 2023

Jerry Seinfeld Doesn't Want A Reboot, Not Even To Get Jason Alexander His Emmy

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Jerry Seinfeld might be fervently against a “Seinfeld” reboot, but how does Jason Alexander feel about the idea? He told ET that he would absolutely consider returning to his role of George Costanza, but it’s not that easy: “I’m not the lynchpin. You’re talking to the wrong guy. It doesn’t just happen because I say it happens.”

If “Seinfeld” were to make a grand return, Alexander thinks that some character changes would need to be implemented. For nine years, fans found the core four’s groanings about dating, soup, and close talkers to be amusing. However, seeing a group of 60-somethings cooped up in a diner booth complaining about their latest failed relationships might be a little cringey to watch.

Alexander said, “We’re the only show where we’re a little less charming in our 50s and 60s than we were in our 30s and 40s. You don’t want us growing up. So it might be a little pathetic for us to be stuck where we were 30 years ago.”

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