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June 6, 2023
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Modern Family Fans Chalk Arvin And Alex's Relationship Up To Poor Writing

Other viewers were quick to back up the OP, with most “Modern Family” fans preferring Alex’s previous boyfriend, Bill (Jimmy Tatro), to Arvin. “Yeah, I wonder why they got rid of Bill so fast. I never really liked Arvin, I think Bill fit in way better,” wrote u/loeqky.

Meanwhile, u/ankita seemed to think that the writing for Alex, in general, went off a cliff after her character went to college. “All her scenes when she starts college are lazy writing,” they wrote. “I really liked her before. Her comebacks were really funny and sarcastic, but then she just became mean, and I think the writers didn’t know what to do with her exactly,” the user concluded.

While it’s not abnormal for writers to start spinning their wheels a bit with an archetype like Alex after so many years on the air, fans seemed particularly irked by how things ended for this “Modern Family” character. “Yeah, and I also feel like Alex and Bill broke up for no reason,” wrote u/Key_Strength_2251. “Like Alex made an honest mistake, and they could have just gotten over that.”

Here the user is referring to the awkward misunderstanding that ended Alex’s previous relationship. Though Alex was a likable and relatable character for most of the series, “Modern Family” fans appear to have rejected her final arc by a pretty wide margin.

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