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June 2, 2023
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Modern Family Fans Loved Lily's Tender Background Moments

While many fans agreed that those early scenes with Lily were cute, others noted a lack of similar interactions once Lily grew up. “I’ve noticed those too,” wrote u/Adorable_Front2253 in reference to scenes between Lily and her extended family. “Which is why it’s disappointing that Lily isn’t closer to any of them as she gets older.” 

Of course, Lily also became more sarcastic and cynical once she grew up, due in no small part to the fact that her kooky cousins, aunts, and uncles had always been engaging in wild antics around her. But other users seemed to agree with the comment that Lily could have become closer to other characters on “Modern Family.” “As Lily, she doesn’t seem to have formed a closeness with anyone, including her fathers,” wrote u/Patient-Panda-714. Added another Redditor, “They all developed their own relationships with [Lily] when she was young and it would’ve been awesome to see how those relationships grew as she got older.”

While it’s too late to revise Lily’s story on “Modern Family,” there are at least those early scenes of Lily with her family to keep fans feeling warm inside. After all, who doesn’t love watching Haley (Sarah Hyland) sneak snacks to Lily as their other family members argue?

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