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October 4, 2023

Modern Family Fans Wish Jay And Alex Had More Screen Time Together

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Over the eleven seasons of “Modern Family,” there really isn’t any character combination that could go wrong. In addition to the Jay and Alex scenes, another great back-and-forth comes from Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Haley (Sarah Hyland), with the duo coming third in the poll with 504 votes. But there’s something about Jay and Alex that feels special, as both are brilliant in their unique ways and Jay appears to see himself in her.

Another memorable combo scene comes when Alex works at Jay’s company and both together fire their aging assistant. And many fans will remember that hilarious moment when Jay finally beats Alex at Words with Friends, only to break his own phone while gloating.

It’s no surprise most fans chose the combination of Jay and Alex to be the one they wish to have seen more of, simply based on how great the minimal scenes the two shared over the series’ run were. But even today, that duo is still memorable. Over on YouTube, @MikeMJMUNCH highlights this very fact by commenting, “There weren’t many scenes of just the two of them together but Alex and Jay had a great relationship.”

And @Whispered Message explained the characters’ need for each other by posting, “They both have big egos and they cancel each other out.” It truly would have been great to see more scenes between Alex and Jay on-screen again. Maybe if there’s ever a spin-off show, we could finally find out if the Dunphy/Pritchett torch truly was passed down to the brightest child.