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June 5, 2023
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OMITB: BTS Selena Gomez Photo Teases A Wedding In Season 3

So what could this mean for Mabel in Season 3? She’s had a few fleeting love interests through “OMITB,” including her old friend, Oscar (Aaron Dominguez), in Season 1 and Cara Delevigne’s brooding artist, Alice, in Season 2. Going into Season 3, though, Mabel’s flying solo, so the groom to her bride has yet to be revealed.

It’s also entirely possible that Mabel’s not actually getting married, but that this entire thing is some sort of dream sequence or flash-forward. “OMITB” is, after all, a mystery show, and can be tricky to pin down. In fact, this being a fantasy sequence might make more sense. If it’s a fantasy, it makes a lot more sense that Gomez spoiled such a potentially enormous moment; plus, Mabel is notoriously prickly and pretty young, so it doesn’t feel like marriage is on her horizon right away.

Whatever this means, we’ll all have to wait for “OMITB” Season 3 to premiere to find out — whenever that happens. When it does, you’ll be able to check it out on Hulu.

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