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June 4, 2023

Parker Schnabel Doesn't Want His Children To Inherit His Gold Rush Job

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While Parker Schnabel went into the same industry as his father, he doesn’t work for him directly. This creates a bit of a separation between the two to where they’re not spending every single second together. And Schnabel sounds glad that it worked out that way because everyone turned out happier. He went on to say, “What my dad’s dream was is not mine, and I don’t share that with my father, and I don’t expect my kids to share my dreams.”

Schnabel admits that mining, in particular, has long been a family affair. Many miners pass on their operations to their kids, but he sounds willing to let his future children explore other options. If they want to go into mining, that’s great. But if they don’t, it sounds like Schnabel will support that decision. It’s worked out well for him and his father at this point: “Family can get quite messy and complicated at times, and that’s not really what I’m after. I get my downtime, but my dad and I are best friends, but if we worked together, that might not be the case.”

Schnabel’s certainly done quite well for himself pursuing his own path, earning millions of dollars in the process. As long as parents are around to support their kids in whatever they do, that’s all that matters.

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