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June 4, 2023
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Party Down Season 3's Most Hilarious Moments, Ranked

“Party Down” has never been afraid to touch on contemporary issues with tongue-in-cheek humor, so it’s no surprise that they come right out of the gate with jokes about celebrities getting canceled for their uncool behavior. In Episode 1, the entire party is centered around former caterer Kyle finally getting his big break as a superhero in this world’s version of the MCU as a character called Nitromancer. Unfortunately for him, something he did in the past catches up with right around the same time as his big celebration.

While everyone is catching up during this reunion, Kyle is informed that an old video has surfaced of him singing a song called “My Struggle” with his band from years ago. Unfortunately, nobody explained to him the negative connotations with that phrase being associated with infamous fascist dictator Adolf Hitler and his evil autobiography of the same name. As a result, Kyle quickly gets canceled by social media, dropped by his agent, and loses his role as Nitromancer by the episode’s end. It is hilarious to see how quickly everything falls apart for Kyle, who’s even more arrogant than usual throughout this episode. This moment is made even funnier when it’s revealed who leaked this video online — Kyle’s old bandmate Miles, played by “Cabin in the Woods” star Fran Kranz, devilishly posted the clip in order to punish his former friend for leaving the band in the first place.

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