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June 4, 2023
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Rumor Report: Linda Blair Could Be Returning For David Gordon Green's Exorcist Sequel

Notably, Linda Blair returning to the role that made her a household name in “The Exorcist” would be her first time returning to the horror franchise since 1977, when she reprised her character, Regan, for “The Exorcist II: The Heretic.” Leslie Odom Jr. and Ann Dowd are also set to be a part of the project.

Whether the new film will address the many other sequels or whether it will sidestep them like the 2018 “Halloween” reboot did remains to be seen. Considering how poorly received each of the sequels have been, it seems likely that they will be nixed for the upcoming movie. However, “The Exorcist” TV series, which was much better received, could provide some inspiration for David Gordon Green’s new film.

While details still remain scarce, the movie is set to premiere in October of 2023. With that in mind, fans can probably begin to expect a trailer and the following marketing campaign to begin sometime in the coming months.

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