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June 5, 2023
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Sean Murray's Favorite Day On NCIS Is An Unexpected One

Mark Harmon was, of course, the star of “NCIS” from its pilot episode all the way through the early episodes of the show’s 19th season, portraying the titular team’s fearless leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. So beloved was the character, some wondered whether “NCIS” should, or even could continue without him. Even as the series soldiers on without him, Sean Murray’s glowing commentary about shooting his final scene with Harmon is proof the actor’s impact on the show will not soon fade.

As for that final scene, it came in the wilds of Alaska, with Gibbs bidding his protégé Timothy McGee an unexpected farewell, choosing to leave his high-octane NCIS life behind in favor of a little low-key fly fishing after narrowly escaping incarceration himself. As Murray told TV Insider, it’s a scene he’ll never forget because he relished the chance to share that moment with his longtime scene partner. “Being in Alaska with Mark, it was real in that I have had this incredible personal relationship with him for so many years,” the actor said, continuing, “and then for me as McGee to be having to feel this goodbye and loss — and leave him in Alaska knowing he isn’t coming back — it was heavy and beautiful.”

Heaviness aside, Murray and Harmon milked their long goodbye for every ounce of drama they could. In doing so, they delivered an emotional wallop that even “NCIS” fans likely couldn’t have anticipated. And frankly, the series may never top it. 

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