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June 6, 2023

Star Trek's Lt. Commander La Forge's Fatherhood Timeline Explained

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While the revelation of Geordi LaForge’s daughters was a new wrinkle to the character on “Star Trek: Picard,” this was not the first time they’ve been mentioned in the history of “Star Trek.” Showrunner Terry Matalas, a fan of the franchise from before he took the reins of “Picard,” dug back through the history to the mention of the LaForge family in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” drawing the names Alandra and Sidney from there.

The series finale of “The Next Generation,” titled “All Good Things…,” focuses on Picard as he mentally jumps through three points in time; the show’s present, the past when he was about to take the Enterprise out for its first mission as captain, and 25 years in the future, where he’s now living in a vineyard.

It is in this vineyard that Geordi LaForge comes to visit Picard, revealing details about the universe’s future in the process. Geordi also mentions his own daughters during the conversation, in one of the moments where Picard’s mind is in the future, and says their names are Alandra and Sidney.

While this particular future becomes an alternate future thanks to Picard’s efforts during the episode to save humanity from a threat traveling backward through time, Matalas and the “Star Trek: Picard” writing team noted the mention, drawing another connection between “The Next Generation” and “Picard” in the process.

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