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June 6, 2023
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Ted Lasso Theory: Zava Is Not In For The Long Haul At AFC Richmond

So far, we know at least two things for certain about Zava: he’s the greatest footballer to ever grace AFC Richmond’s roster, as well as the most … eccentric. Though his idiosyncrasies seem mostly innocuous, if not disarmingly endearing, some moments betray a Miles Bron-esque pseudo-intellectualism. He describes himself as an “empty” vessel “filled” with gold and a moldable rock to Ted during their first meeting. Whether he’s maliciously disingenuous or innocently overdramatic to point of spouting nonsense, he seems like a slightly untrustworthy actor.

While a clear development to create tension in Zava’s storyline would be to somehow manufacture his mid-season transfer to West Ham United (thus forcing the team that once relied on him to prove themselves capable of defeating him), the series might take a far stranger route to writing off Zava. In both last week’s and this week’s episodes — the only two to concern Zava so far — ominous references to his dealings with avocados have been mentioned. Most recently, he’s seemingly offered to source avocados for Sam Obisanya’s (Toheeb Jimoh) new restaurant.

Here’s the thing about bringing avocados into the U.K. for commercial use — it is, to use a technical term, super-duper illegal under most circumstances, especially in the aftermath of Brexit. Zava would have to go through official government channels, and — given his ego and the fact that he sees himself as a deity — it just seems unlikely that he would bend the knee to such mortal concepts as an import license. Seeing as Zava is likely in the country on a special work visa, a transgression like this could see him sent back to Italy.

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