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June 2, 2023

The D&D: Honor Among Thieves Scene That Has Fans Bawling Through The Laughter

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The resurrection tablet was introduced at the very beginning of the film. It’s a clear MacGuffin, so most viewers were anticipating it paying off eventually, even if it wasn’t to bring back Edgin’s wife. Still, the moment Edgin used the tablet to bring back his friend was extremely touching to audiences.

A lot of viewers knew the tablet was going to be used for Edgin’s wife, but they didn’t necessarily know how it would be used. Redditor u/OedipusFlecks had one theory that didn’t pan out, and they have a reasoning behind why: “Like I totally saw it coming that the reawakening tablet was gonna be used on someone other than Edgin’s dead wife, but I expected it to be Edgin himself. Guess Star Trek beat them to the ‘Chris Pine dies and is brought back in the same movie’ subplot.” Still, it didn’t diminish the impact of Edgin realizing Holga was more of a mother to his daughter than his actual wife, who died when Kira (Chloe Coleman) was still a baby.

Redditor u/obscuredreference also felt all of the feels from the moment: “I spent the movie expecting it to be the daughter. Was surprised it was not her, but it worked so well with him having to choose between bringing back his wife for himself or his daughter’s mom for her. That was so unexpectedly poignant.” The “Fast & Furious” franchise, also starring Michelle Rodriguez, is all about found family, and it seems as though those themes have followed her to “D&D.”

“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” is now playing in theaters.

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