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June 2, 2023

The Sticky — What We Know So Far

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So far “The Sticky” doesn’t yet have an announced release date. The good news is that the show is currently in production in Canada, so it’s likely to come out relatively soon. It’s also possible to make an educated guess about its release date based on another recent show from the same production company.

“The Sticky” is being produced by Amazon Studios Canada, which recently released the Alfred Molina-led mystery series “Three Pines,” based on the novel series by Louise Penny. Production on “Three Pines” began in September 2021, with the show then premiering in December 2022. That’s a turnaround of about a year and three months.

“The Sticky,” meanwhile, started production this month. If it follows a similar timetable, it should premiere by summer 2024 at the very latest, although it’s possible it will come out sooner. The half-hour format may help with a quick turnaround as well.

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