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October 4, 2023

This AHS Scene Got Naomi Grossman So Excited She Peed A Little

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Naomi Grossman spoke about her excitement for “The Name Game” song when U/klahaya commented, “One of the greatest moments in television of 2012 was the song and dance number in ‘The Name Game.’ How did you react when you first heard or read about it in the script?” They also asked how the other cast members felt about the scene and whether choreography was involved.

Grossman wasn’t able to say how her castmates felt about the scene, and noted that the entire sequence took a full day to film. She continued, “We had one day of rehearsal — I was only there for maybe 20 [minutes]. But Jessica, Evan, and Sarah had more. My choreography was more moving from one place to another (without hitting moving cameras, cranes, etc), whereas they had actual dance moves to learn.”

This makes sense because Pepper isn’t in the scene all that much. She can be seen moving around the room as Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) sings and dances. When Pepper’s name pops up in the song, viewers get a close-up of her smiling. Her excitement over the scene is portrayed beautifully through Pepper’s enjoyment of the song. Even with her limited screen time, Grossman’s performance speaks for itself.

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