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June 4, 2023
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Whatever Happened To Sliimeyhoney After Shark Tank?

“As seen on ‘Shark Tank'” are powerful words — powerful enough to even buoy companies that leave without a deal. Still, it helps if a business already has a robust social media following prior to its “Shark Tank” appearance. That was true of Sliimeyhoney, which marketed its goods directly to its then-900,000 TikTok followers.

The “Shark Tank” appearance gave Sliimeyhoney the extra push to sell out of all its merchandise. On December 8, six days after the episode aired, the Sliimeyhoney Instagram account posted that they were out of stock. “Due to our ‘Shark Tank’ appearance, our shop has experienced an influx of orders, surpassing our expectations several times over,” the post read, continuing, “I’ve dreamed of being on ‘Shark Tank’ since I was little and this experience has surpassed my wildest dreams.”

Daymond John seemed excited to lend a helping hand to the company’s success, though he was just as eager to beat out Kevin O’Leary’s offer (“You got a partner and we defeated evil all at the same time,” he quipped). It’s unclear how involved John will be after closing the deal, or if the terms of the deal changed off-camera. In any case, Sliimeyhoney seems to be doing just fine, with or without a mentor.

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