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June 2, 2023

What's The Song In Barry Season 4's Official Trailer?

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The song featured in the “Barry” promo, “Run from Me,” is off the album “Hot Dreams,” which made some serious noise when it debuted in 2014. Along with big names like Drake and Arcade Fire, the fifth album from Timber Timbre made the shortlist for the coveted 2014 Polaris Music Prize. Of the many tracks on the record, “Run From Me” struck a chord with Hollywood.

The trailer for “Barry” is not the first time the Timber Timbre song has been attached to a big-name TV show. According to Tunefind, it has been used in several other high-profile shows. The streaming powerhouse Netflix has given the track some serious attention, adding it to the music roster for shows like “Wild Wild Country,” “Sky Rojo,” and “Orange is the New Black.” Other titles on its hit list include “The Blacklist,” “Animal Kingdom,” and “Good Girls.” In addition, the track seems to have gotten plenty of attention on YouTube, as it has attained over a million views.

But “Run From Me” isn’t the only piece of music from Timber Timbre that is TV famous. The group also put out several other tracks that made it into other worthwhile shows like “Breaking Bad,” “The Good Wife,” and “Russian Doll.” Apparently, their sound lends itself well to compelling dramas, and using the track to get fans ready for the end of “Barry” was arguably a killer concept nobody could run away from.

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