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June 4, 2023
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Who Does Tom Morello Play In D&D: Honor Among Thieves?

The “Honor Among Thieves” cameos don’t end with Tom Morello bringing his Dungeons & Dragons character to life. In fact, the High Sun Games feature an even deeper-cut Easter egg with the return of the characters from the 1983 “Dungeons & Dragons” animated series.

When the “Honor Among Thieves” party arrives at the maze, Edgin (Chris Pine) takes the time to look at their fellow competitors. There are two other adventuring parties, one of which is the group from the animated series. Devoted fans will spot all the characters donning theme park-like costumes, including Hank the Ranger (Edgar Abram), Eric the Cavalier (Trevor Kaneswaran), Presto the Wizard (Seamus O’Hara), Bobby the Barbarian (Luke Bennett), Sheila the Thief (Emer McDaid), and Diana the Acrobat (Moe Sasegbon). Thankfully, the supergroup lives on in “Honor Among Thieves,” making it through the maze and finding safety in the cage at the end. Their inclusion is an unexpected but welcome surprise, and they get much more screen time than a typical blink-and-you-miss-it reference.

With the return of one legendary group, many Dungeons & Dragons fans expected to see an appearance from the modern-day adventurers on “Critical Role.” However, DM Matthew Mercer dispelled those rumors on Twitter so as not to get fans’ hopes up leading up to the film’s release.

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