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June 4, 2023

Why Anna From Chicago Med Looks So Familiar

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Fresh off of appearing in some of the biggest movies in the young adult circles of the 2010s, Hannah Riley moved to the small screen to land a starring role in the acclaimed FX dramedy series “Better Things.” The show features “Bob’s Burgers” star Pamela Adlon as Sam Fox, an actress and mother working to raise her three young daughters in the harsh landscape of Hollywood.

Riley was a mainstay of the “Better Things” cast throughout its entire run, with the actress portraying the middle child of Sam’s three kids, Frankie. As the series goes on, Frankie grows from a little kid to a full-fledged teenager, and her evolving relationship with personal identity and self-expression challenges Sam to re-interrogate many of her own preconceived notions on many an occasion. In the end, their story is one of acceptance and unconditional support — making for one of the more heartwarming narrative threads of the series.

“Better Things” took its final bow in 2022, but Riley still feels a deep kinship with her character. “Frankie’s still in there,” she told Vanity Fair. “We still hang out. I’ve gotten so close to her. That’s so weird, referring to her as a separate party, but do you know what I mean? Like, she’s not going anywhere.”

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