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October 4, 2023
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Tetris' Taron Egerton And Toby Jones Bonded Over The Terribleness Of Fake Mustaches

It’s probably worth mentioning that Taron Egerton kept a good head on his shoulders about keeping a bad mustache on his lip. “I mean, look,” he continued in his interview with Collider. “First World problems, but it’s just very uncomfortable and itchy, and there’s just something about having something in the front-middle of your face that really puts you in a bad mood.” Nobody tell him about noses.

Egerton went on to berate himself for forgetting how uncomfortable facial hair appliances could be in the years that had passed since the production of “Eddie the Eagle,” the 2016 biopic in which he portrayed Olympic ski jumper Michael Edwards. There, he wore a mustache for a handful of scenes, which seems disproportionate to the effect that the facial hair would have on his frame of mind. “I would arrive on set in a perfectly chipper, happy mood, put on that mustache, and instantly become an unpleasant person to be around because it’s f***ing awful,” he recalled. “It really is awful.”

“Tetris” is currently available to stream on Apple TV+.

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