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October 4, 2023
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Into The Spider-Verse: The Spider-Ham Line That Was Cut For Being Too Dark

Christopher Miller admitted that he wanted to keep the edgy line in the film, but was ultimately talked out of it. He and Phil Lord also reminded fans of one envelope-pushing joke that did make it into the movie, revisiting the long-ago revelation they made when the movie first came out in 2019. When Spider-Ham is seen for the last time in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” he’s eating a hot dog. The revelation? Spider-Ham isn’t eating a pork hotdog — the foodstuff is made entirely from human flesh in his world.

While both the cannibalism reference and Peter Porker’s joke about his delicious-smelling uncle never made it into the movie — and it’s unknown if either line made it beyond the scripting stage and was presented to John Mulaney for voice-acting purposes — they did admit that one bit of dialogue was actually added to the film to give Spider-Ham more heft as a character. In a quest to keep him from coming off as a single-joke entity, the character was given the weighty line, “Miles, the hardest part of this job is that you can’t always save everyone.” It’s definitely a moment that gives the goofy character gravitas — and continues to explain why Spider-Ham remains such a beloved part of the Spider-Verse.

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