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October 4, 2023

Why Dana Caldwell From The Goldbergs Looks So Familiar

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2019 would see Natalie Alyn Lind getting involved with some classic fairy tale adaptations, though decidedly not the kid-friendly Disney ones. Rather, the actor joined the cast for Season 2 of the thriller anthology series “Tell Me A Story,” which reinvented classic fairy tales and wove them into a twisted modern-day plot. For the second season, which took elements from “Beauty and the Beast” among others, Lind portrayed Beast analogue Ashley Rose Pruitt, a shut-in country singer who has been disfigured after a tragic accident. She develops a surprising romance with police officer Beau Morris (Eka Darville).

In a promotional video for the series, Lind said that her favorite element of her storyline on “Tell Me A Story” is that it goes against the traditional, somewhat gendered expectations of what a “Beauty and the Beast” narrative looks like. “My favorite part of this storyline is that I’m the Beast,” she said. “When Kevin [Williamson] let me know, like, ‘No, you’re the Beast,’ it was definitely a cool, dark, twisty turn.”

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