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October 4, 2023
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40-year-old doctor accused of sleeping with multiple women in consulting room during work hours

A doctor had sex with multiple women including a vulnerable colleague in his consulting room, a tribunal has heard. The Sun reports that Tom Plimmer, has been accused of forcing a woman into weekly sex sessions at his office in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK.

At least five others have also accused the 40-year-old of inviting them to the practice for sex acts during working hours, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal heard.He was also accused of sending one woman unsolicited pictures of his genitals which were taken at work.

The tribunal also heard he threatened another woman, saying if the ‘c*** takes me to the GMC, I’ll slit her throat’. He also allegedly lied about his mum and brother being ill, so he could avoid one woman in order to see another instead. In May 2018, Plimmer ‘without warning’ showed her a video of him having sex with another woman.

He then tried to ‘kiss’ and ‘touch’ her, and would ‘come into her room with his trousers undone and flirt with her’, Mark Monaghan, presenting the case on behalf of the General Medical Council said.The woman also claimed she walked in on Plimmer performing sex acts in his consulting room multiple times.

Monaghan argued Plimmer knew the colleague was ‘vulnerable’ and ‘abused his position’, describing one instance when Plimmer ‘put his arm around her’ when she was ‘clearly distressed’ and led her into his consulting room to ‘cheer her up’.

He then put his hands on her genitals, the tribunal was told.Plimmer admits he would frequently send her explicit videos, but insists the sexual behaviour was ‘always consensual’.

The doctor met a second woman on a dating app before bringing her to his consulting room on January 3.The Cambridge trained doctor made her a mug of tea and locked the door before she performed a sex act on him, the tribunal heard.The woman said she felt ‘uncomfortable’ during the sex act because she could ‘hear people walk past’, Mr Monaghan said.

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In May 2018, Plimmer met a third woman, and went to watch tennis Wimbledon with her, the tribunal was also told.He then started ‘making excuses’ to stop seeing her, including when he said his mother had suffered ‘several serious strokes’.‘These excuses were deliberate lies to allow him to juggle and see other women instead,’ Mr Monaghan argued.

After the pair had been together for two years in May 2020, the woman was invited to Plimmer’s practice and they had sex during work hours, it was claimed.By this time Plimmer had already been living with another, fourth woman who he met in January 2019.

He had cancelled several dates with her, claiming his brother was sick in hospital, even sending photos and ‘play by play’ updates on his brother’s alleged conditions, the tribunal heard.A fifth woman who he also met on a dating site in 2021 claimed he sent her photos of his genitals which were taken at work while another woman alleged he threatened to cut her throat.The Tribunal hearing continues

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