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October 4, 2023
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Creature Commandos Cast, Episodes, Writer, And More Details

As the first piece of an expansive new DC Comics screen universe (as revealed by James Gunn on Twitter via Heroic Hollywood), “Creature Commandos” will give fans a look at the golden age of whatever this new universe ends up being called. And, perhaps most interestingly, the series will provide a look at some metapowered exploits coinciding with World War II that far predate major DC events such as Kal-El’s crash landing on Earth or the deaths of young Bruce Wayne’s parents.

As for when this first look will finally be available to fans, there’s no date set yet. But series writer Gunn has provided multiple updates on the project on social media, and a release sometime in 2024 is backed up by the show’s IMDb listing. With Gunn’s “Superman: Legacy” scheduled for release in 2025, it seems we can at least expect it to be on Max before then.

If you’re worried that “Creature Commandos” might be delayed because of ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Gunn also assured fans on his Instagram account (preserved by a screenshot from u/Hashbrown924 on Reddit) that as an animated project, it’s able to continue production through the strikes. So a release sometime next year still seems to be the assumed time frame.

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